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Blog #1: 2 Black Moms & A Mic

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

September 26, 2021

As you guessed from our website, we are two black moms who are starting a new podcast. You probably want to know more about us, and why we are taking on this new adventure. Well, we have collectively raised six black children from diapers to degrees! As with the rest of the world, we struggled and made it through the awful pandemic. We spent lots of hours helping our kids navigate the new “on-line world” that became our exclusive existence for 18 months. This world certainly tested our patience; it kept us physically separated from our families, and even from our own children who had settled miles away from home. A world that separated our kids from their friends, and forced them to rely even more on technology for their social interactions. A world where, every day, we watched with deep sorrow as COVID deaths went up locally, nationally and globally. We mourned the loss of family and friends from COVID and other illnesses, and watched funeral services on Zoom. As of late, we have watched the release of vaccines that have helped the pandemic to ease. Despite these vaccine discoveries that we are blessed with, we have also seen the insistence of some who refuse to take the vaccine out of fear, political insolence, or other factors that may or may not be clearly supported by fact or a reasonably held religious belief. There were, though, some good experiences too. The pandemic re-focused us on our families and, without the busy-ness of life activities, created more space for important talks around fears, aspirations, vulnerabilities, and connectedness. It also revealed many truths; who we should trust, who we shouldn’t trust, and how maybe, just maybe, there is greater knowledge, humor and joy within the four corners of our own homes and not through various forms of television, streaming and social media.

As we move through the pandemic, and out the other end, we want to take this time to really get real and talk about issues that are important to us and probably to you too. Serious topics like race-based disparities in educational outcomes that is not new, but can’t seem to be overcome and deepened post-pandemic, best tutoring options for black children, addressing bullying, letting go and letting your child live their life (and not re-live yours), caring for your black child’s mental health, managing social media, balancing extra-curricular activities, and even the college admissions process. We also want to go introspective, especially for the mature moms who are looking at what their next chapter looks like, such as resuming a career after your children leave the nest, examining what you want in your life, managing your life and household when your children return to the nest (which many of them do). We also want to have fun! There are so many movies and streaming content going on; we can’t wait to talk about it with you.

This is a lot. But there is a lot that black women go through in life. We want to be a resource and a space for supporting all that black women take on. We want to get real, and try and answer those questions: "What do I do when...." So join us, two black moms, as we grab the mic and explore topics that will bring us closer to finding our personal joy, health, and happiness, and some answers, and we want you on that journey with us.

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