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Blog #37: Early Decision and Early Action College Admissions Decisions Coming Out This Week!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Many students applying to college this year applied Early Decision and Early Action. We explained in a blog last year the distinguishing features of each application option. Blog #7: COLLEGE ADMISSIONS - Early Decision and Early Action Admissions Options ( Well, admissions decisions for Early Decision and Early Action are coming out this week. Here is what you can expect, and tips on supporting your student!

Early Decision

Early decision acceptances are binding. This means, if your student is accepted, they have committed to attend that college and must withdraw any applications they may have submitted for regular decision at other colleges.

· If you student is accepted early decision at their college of choice, congratulations! Formal acceptance of the decision is usually required within a few days of the admissions notice. Some students may not know the status of their financial aid award at the time of their early decision admission. If that is the case, your student should reach out to the college for information on any financial aid they may expect to receive from the college. If your student and you are comfortable with the financials of attending the college, then you are done! Your student can now take the rest of the school year to focus on graduating strong academically, participating in their extracurriculars, and enjoying their senior year of high school.

· If your student is rejected, they may not apply again to that college in the current admissions year. Support your student through the rejection; do something special and help them get past this disappointment. Remember, despite this hurdle, there remains a vast range of college options that your student can now focus on for the rest of the admissions cycle.

· If your student is deferred, they will be reconsidered for admission during the regulation admissions cycle and will be notified by April 1st. Take this time to apply to other schools!

Early Action

Early action is non-binding. This means that if your student is admitted, you are not required to accept the offer of admission.

· If your student is accepted, and wants to attend, then congratulations! Your work may be done. Like with early decision, your student may need to wait on a financial aid decision before making a firm plan to attend. They should reach out to the college to find out when that can be expected, and they may need to inform the college that their acceptance turns on the award amount. But be aware of the deadline to accept. For some colleges the deadline may be 2-4 weeks, and others may give you until April 1st. Either way, be sure to adhere to the deadline. If you decline, you should inform the college of that too.

· If your student is rejected, again, support your student and encourage them with the understanding that they have at least 2 weeks, if not more, to apply to other schools in which they have an interest.

· If deferred, your student will be reconsidered for admission during the regular admissions cycle.

Special note on deferrals: If your student is deferred at a college that they have a continuing strong interest in attending, they may want to express that interest to the college. This can be done by sending/emailing a letter of continued interest to the college admissions officer. Before doing so, be sure to read the deferral letter from the college closely and follow any directions. If the college allows interest letters (or doesn’t prohibit follow up correspondence) and your student wants to send one, here are tips on what should be in the letter:

· Thank the college for reviewing your admissions materials

· If the college is your first choice and you would attend if admitted, say so

· Add any new information to your application, including

* Information on academic improvements (grades or standardized tests)

* Academic achievements or awards

* Updates on extracurricular activities or achievements

* Special projects undertaken or updates on those projects

* Academic programs or disciplines that your student intends to pursue at the


* College visits are usually not required by admissions committees, but if your

student has visited the college, they might want to indicate so

* Any other information on why they want to attend the college

Some colleges may not accept letters of continuing interest, or any other follow up correspondence from deferred candidates. If that’s the case, your student should probably adhere to the college’s policy.

Good luck!

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