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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Discussion with Dr. Nadia Trotman-Blackman

With all of the disruption to the learning environment, we wanted to look at the impact of the pandemic on the academic progression of younger kids. With the spread of the Omicron variant, schools are again struggling to stay open. Schools are requiring COVID testing for teachers and students before a return to school, postponing a return to in-person learning, and even going virtual at least initially. Some school districts that have announced postponements to in-person learning in Jan. 2022 (or a switch to virtual learning) have sizable black populations, including Detroit (77% black), Macon County, Alabama (79% black), Charles County, Maryland (49% black), Newark, New Jersey (50.1% black), and Lansing, Michigan (23% black). In Episode 8 of our podcast series, we talk to Dr. Nadiah Trotman-Blackman, a well-known and sought-after education specialist in Atlanta. Dr. Trotman-Blackman shares her findings about the ongoing virtual learning environment for students and parents, and its impacts. A major recommendation that we learned from our talk with Dr. Trotman-Blackman is that parents and educators need to focus on the social - emotional wellbeing of our children regardless of age. If your child is in Pre-K or high school, high functioning or has special needs, you will want to hear this podcast!

Dr. Trotman-Blackman is a master educator with over 20 years of experience working with children and families and has an extensive background in research, analytical skills, and professional teaching. She is experienced in special education programs and serving students with disabilities. She has worked in special education in Atlanta, GA and in Prince George's County, MD., and has developed instruction and implemented developmentally appropriate practices to children with developmental disabilities and learning differences. She was honored in 2007 as a “Rising Star'' by the Prince Georges County, MD Special Education Department. Dr. Trotman-Blackman has her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Lincoln University, her Master's in Education and Human Development with a focus in Early Childhood Special Education from George Washington University, and her Doctorate in Human Services Administration, and a Minor in Autism Education from Nova Southeastern University.

In addition to her professional experience, Dr. Trotman-Blackman has written a children's book titled: My Big Brother is a Superhero!

Contact information for Dr. Blackman

Instagram - @letsteach_1st

Facebook - Nadiah Blackman and Let's TEACH

Website: Educational Consulting | Let's TECH!


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